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   Extra Protection for ESX

Setup hot standby Site for your ESX and ESX/i with lowest investment

ESXtr@ (Pronounce extra), is an Extra, Assured Protection for ESX and ESX/i (or vSphere) from VMware.

Virtualization is common today, as it reduces costs while also increasing service levels. To minimize the investment on data protection and disaster recovery as well as Site Protection, ESXtr@ provides a simple and economic but high availability tools for your Critical virtualized environment.

Minutes Backup with SmartDeltaSync©: Low performance impact and minimize data loss by applying Changed Block Tracking (CBT) Technology to provide near continue data protection for all Virtual Machines in ESX.

Near line Manual failover: Resume a VM completely without restoration. Service can be resumed in minutes.

Low Cost Remote Site Protection in minutes:  Simple click to start replication to another ESXtr@ or BizCONLINE alliance for complete Site Protection and ready for Manual Failover

Advance Performance: Enhanced Performance Tuning for CBT to avoid system interruption from STUN created by VM.

Daily AutoDrill©: 100% protection with ContinuityAssurance© Patent-Pending