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BizCONLINE is Bizcon Continuation

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                         6th October 2009
Bizconline provides Cloud Backup with ContinuityAssurance(c),by adopted BizCON technology,
to enable Enterprises' worry-free DR site protection
Hong Kong, China SAR (Oct 10, 2009) C As a continuation of its strategic agreement with BizCON Limited, BizCONLINE Limited announced today that it has reached a preliminary agreement to extent their business on cloud to enable economic worry-free DR site protection to HK SME. At the same time, as the business growth rapidly for BizCON, BizCONLINE will take the role as a distributor of BizCON Recovery SANter to recruit more channels to support large enterprise to adopt BizCON technology to replace traditional daily tape backup.
In the last few years, BizCON had been serving over 100 customers including many Large-Enterprises and over 20 Government Departments who are now using BizCON as their CORE warm and cold backup solution. with bizconline channel network, bizcon can now be sold out thru all partners. Said Yan Tung, Sales Manager of BizCONLINE Limited, From the past statistics, we can estimate that the growth of BizCON business will be double in 2010. Its the time for BizCONLINE to develop our channels and train them up to ready this wave. BizCON, since 2004, takes a revolution on traditional tape backup and emphasis on Continue Data Production (CDP) and Drill as core components of backup. Even though there are many competitor-like CDP products in the world, BizCON, as a local brand, can have double digit growth every year. Under our channel programs, customer will more easily to differentiate how BizCON leading out of others.
BizCONLINE alliance had signed many Business Continuity Service Provider like ShenZhen Securities Communication Company, Limited, a branch of ShenZhen Stock Exchange, tinying idc and China Telecom, to provide Cloud Backup with BizCONLINE CORE technology for HK and China Enterprises. 'It's time for CHANGE!' not only by Obama, but also By Dr. Alex T. H. LI, CEO of BizCONLINE Limited. 'Cloud Computing is changing the world. To kick off computing with cloud, BizCONline provides the most simple but necessary approach - Cloud backup with ContinuityAssurance.'

in the past, bandwidth is the key barrier to limit the grow of BCSP market. Luckily in HK, with the popularity of commercial 100Mbps broadband, Cloud Backup will become popular in Hong Kong. we are aimed to be the pioneer of Online Business Continuity Services Provider in the world. Cont by Dr. Alex Li,  'With a preliminary agreement an aggressive broadband provider in HK, BizCONLINE has launched some attractive packages, start from hundreds per month, to capture the online backup services market in HK. Featured ContinuityAssurance©, Enterprises can increase their productivity by off-load the high-pressure, thankless and trouble tasks - daily backup. Drill will be performed every night automatically in DR Site and the detail report of the results of all servers will be sent before 09:00 in the morning. For all test failed within 15 minutes SLA, change Management will be taken place by our Professional Disaster Recovery Service Team. Therefore,  Enterprise, with the amazing on the synergy of this co-operation, is no need to worry anymore about their backup as well as business continuity.
From the IDC's Study (Online Backup Services Forecast 2007 C 2011, IDC #209868), Worldwide Online Backup Services market is growing Fourfold by 2011 and the Jump is predicted @ mid 2010.  said by Prof Perry Shum, Center Manager, Joint Lab of BizCON Solutions Limited and Network Technology Research Center, Singapore Nanyang Technology University, the populrity of 100Mbps Broadband in HK is amongst top of the world. It will be the one of successful place of online backup service in the world. Being as a pioneer of BCSP, we must provide the best cost-effective solution with our CORE technologies to serve all Enterprises in HK, and thus, to win the world market.

With the same mission as bizcon solutions limited, BizCONLINE steps a large increment to realize 'the IT world without disaster' by adopting bizcon technology to online.

Background Information:
BizCON Solutions Limited was developed in 2004. The main business is providing high quality disaster recovery solution and their mission is deliver the IT world without disaster. BizCON RECOVERY SANTer, the award-winning product, has integrated SAN Storage, Virtualization and Disk Differential  Cloning Technologies, with featured, Say goodbye to loss by CDP, eliminate system down time by Failover, Assure Recovery by Drill and Continue Business Anytime, Anywhere by site failover to revolt Traditional Cold Backup Solution. By eliminated the daily tape operation, enterprises can increase their productivities by offload daily backup to BizCON RECOVERY SANTer. Since 2005, many Service Providers like Shenzhen securities communication company limited (subsidiary of ShenZhen Stock Exchange) and China Telecom had certified BizCON and applied BizCON RECOVERY SANTer as their CORE  component for their Business Continuity Service Provider (BCSP) business. Right now, BizCON RECOVERY SANTer has been served over 100 Government Departments and Well-known Enterprises in Hong Kong and over 10 OEM partners in China.
BizCONLINE Limited was developed in 2008. The main Business is providing ONLINE Business Continuity as well as Solutions As A Service (SaaS) to Enterprises. By adopting Virtualization and Cloud Computing Technology, Services provided by BizCONLINE are  base on 4S: Share expertise, Share Resources, Share infrastructure and Share the latest Technologies. Base on this Sharing model, with high security protection and channel model business, BizCONLINE provides Service suitable for tiny enterprises to Large Enterprises,  even multi-national companies.